About us

Cancer Voices NSW provides the independent voice of people affected by cancer in our state and beyond. It operates as the peak advocacy organisation.

Voting members are support and advocacy groups.  Cancer Voices members include people with cancer and cancer survivors, carers, cancer care professionals and interested organsiations.

As a network, Cancer Voices NSW provides a forum for those affected by cancer to share their concerns, ideas and experiences.

Our representatives offer broad, informed views on cancer issues at local, state and national levels – wherever decisions about us are made.

Since 2000, Cancer Voices NSW has been influential in improving cancer care, information, support and the direction of research in NSW.

Who are we?

We are all volunteers of varying ages and backgrounds. Most of us have experienced one of the many different forms of cancer and its treatments. We are also people who want to make a positive difference to the cancer “journey” for others.


  • To reduce the impact of cancer on the community, in terms of lives affected and lives lost
  • To promote a balanced public awareness of cancer
  • To encourage, and provide a facility for those with experience of cancer to contribute at all levels of decision-making about the disease
  • To define issues that are important to cancer consumers and to advocate for measures to address them
  • To work towards ensuring access to the highest quality treatment and support services, regardless of their geographical location, social or economic status, ethnicity or stage of disease.
  • To influence the direction of research into causes, prevention, optimal treatments and support
  • To provide a forum for people affected by cancer to share experiences and information