Phil Mendoza-Jones

Committee Member

Phil Mendoza Jones
Phil Mendoza-Jones joined the CVN Executive Committee in 2022. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004. Unfortunately, precise dosage of a new chemotherapy wonder drug was experimental and gave Phil CIPN (Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy).

Phil’s surgeon invited him to help encourage men to be screened for bowel cancer, which included extensive media promotions. He then joined the CIPN Research Project at UNSW as a consumer adviser.

This led to participation in CCNSW webinars as well podcasts and exercise videos. Phil undertook CCNSW’s training in cancer research and the assessment of funding applications. Simultaneously he was introduced to Cancer Voices which led to working with many cancer researchers, including: clinical trials programs, Shared Care (before, during and post treatment), smoking cessation prior to cancer surgery, single cell multi-omics of circulating tumor cell clusters, new therapeutic options for rectal cancer lymph node metastasis, and the development of a diagnostic device for pancreatic and ovarian cancer liquid biopsy.

Phil worked as a consumer adviser at the TCRN (Translational Cancer Research Network) and researchers at UNSW with seminar presentations to senior high school students and classes studying peripheral neuropathy.

Phil is dedicated to building productive and successful relationships between consumers and cancer researchers, to help save lives.

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