Consumer Involvement in Research Program

For a full description of the Consumer Involvement in Research Program, including training, matching and consumer priorities for research, see CIR Overview

Consumer Involvement in Research (CIR) Guides

Cancer Voices has released two guides to assist researchers and consumer representatives to work together. These guides clarify roles and expectations for both parties. We suggest you reach both as it helps understand what both ‘sides’ expect.

Guides for consumer nominees
Guide for researchers

Consumer in Research (CIR) Evaluation Report 2016

Cancer Voices has evaluated the effectiveness of the Consumer Involvement in Research Program after ten years of implementation. To view the findings, see CIR Evaluation Report 2016.

To view the poster which summarises the CIR Evaluation Report 2016, click here.

Celebrating Ten Years of Consumer Involvement in Research

Cancer Voices has documented our CIR Program 2005-2015.  For a summary of its history, process and achievements, see Cancer Consumer Involvement in Research – Celebrating Ten Years

The Australian cancer consumer advocacy movement celebrating 21 years

Celebrating 21 years: 1994 – 2015