Consumer Training

Consumer Research Training

Use your cancer experience to work with cancer researchers

Cancer Voices NSW provides a free matching service to connect consumers and researchers across a range of research activities.

Cancer Voices NSW has worked in partnership with Cancer Council NSW since 2005 to train consumers who are then able to partner with cancer researchers. These opportunities through the CVN Consumer Involvement in Research (CIR) Program helps ensure that the community and consumer voice is considered in all research projects and grant applications.

Our CIR Program members generously give of their time to be involved in research projects, to comment on and participate in surveys, to sit on grant review committees and to provide valuable consumer perspectives to many researchers over the life of their research projects. It’s a great and meaningful way to contribute to cancer research!

Want to know more? Hear about these partnerships from some of our participants

Meet some of our consumers and their researcher partners and read what they have to say about these partnerships, what motivates them and how they work together to support cancer research here

What is involved?

The training involves completion of four online modules prior to attending an online workshop. The modules are designed to give participants:

  • a basic idea of the different types of cancer research
  • the stages of research and funding cycles, and
  • what is expected of the consumer and researcher.

The modules take approximately two hours and can be completed at any time. The online workshop which is run by Cancer Council NSW is held once a year.

The link to the online modules can be found on the Cancer Council Australia website. Access here

To register your interest in becoming involved in the CIR Program, or once you have completed the online modules, please contact us at [email protected]

If you are interested in participating in the online workshop, contact Cancer Council NSW, via their website or by email to [email protected] for an Expression of Interest form.

If you require more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Consumer Advocacy Training

Consumer Advocacy Training offers skills and confidence for cancer consumers interested in being a consumer representative or advocate on behalf of Cancer Voices NSW. Please contact us at [email protected] for further information.